Letitia’s Moment

Back about the year 2000, I had gotten into witch craft. I used nothing but the white for love spells. Over the years I delve deeper into it calling upon what we call a high priestess to do my dirty work. I kept saying I was going to get out of it and go back to church.

I finally got out of it and little by little returning to God! What people don’t understand about God and the Craft is: When you pray to God, who’s in control? God! When you use the craft, who’s in control? You are! And that is not what God wants! He has given us the choice to choose HIM or our own methods. Which our own methods really rather fail us in the end.

God may not give you what you want, when you want, but he does help you out in the end. I have noticed a huge change in my life since I’ve returned to God. There seems to be more light around me and I’ve felt like I’ve come out of darkness! God is the only way and all he really wants is not only for us to recognize his, but recognize that HE is the ONLY way! Since then, I’ve seen visions of the Holy Family and Christ as an adult and the face of our beautiful Blessed Mother! God is the ONLY way!

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