• What brought you closer to Christ?
  • How did God answer your prayers?

Send me your story!

“Come to Jesus Moment,” was a phrase that I’ve heard from people who were describing their moment in life where they really felt a close connection with God. These Moments are cherished by them forever and have turned them towards living a life more closely to Christ. Another phrase to describe these works of God may be an “Ahha Moment.” But this was too hard to spell (I’m not even sure if I’ve spelt it right!) and probably not as descriptive as a “Come to Jesus Moment!” Take a minute to read My Story! and read Others as well!!! Also, get some more inspiration and advice through my Blog.


Some may say that these “Moments” are merely a coincidence. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to create this website for you. I want people to realize just how many “coincidences” there have been across the world and come to the realization that everything happens for a reason and these reasons are good when living a life dedicated to Christ. When I think of a coincidence, I think of something that rarely happens. Something that chance has brought together. With this website and the Moments from  others, I hope that it will show you that God’s work IS NOT RARE. God’s work is happening right NOW. You may not believe it, but it is. Think about it for a moment.  

If I look back and try to see how many of the great things in my life came to be, I’ll see how God was working in my life. I can see how during those confusing times in life where unfortunate things seemed to bring me down, God was working. He was building my character, protecting me from harm or introducing me to things that will later prove to be something awesome! He is doing the same thing for you. Don’t worry, be positive, strive to be better and be happy.

If you have a “Come to Jesus Moment,” I pray that you find it in your heart to share it with all who desire to increase their faith. Please email me Your Story and I will be more than happy to post it on the site. However you chose to accept Christ as your personal Lord and Savior will inspire us all! God works differently in everyone’s lives. Find encouragement in other people’s Moments,  learn more in my Blog and continue to seek and live with Jesus.

God has a special plan for you. You may not know what it is yet but continue to offer your life up to Him and be the best you can be through Christ and your time will come! Good things will happen…