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NEVER thought I would be creating a website in my life, let alone a blogging website! My relatives will be the first to tell you (besides me!) of how English was not my strong point, as you can probably tell.  So prepare yourself for gramatical errers ;) and here is how my journey began to Christ with my “Come To Jesus Moment.”

I attended college in Fargo, North Dakota, and went to a weekly FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) Bible study with a few other guys (getting me to attend this study is a whole different story, but I am sure glad I did). During my sophomore year, the FOCUS missionaries scheduled a FOCUS Conference in St. Paul, MN. I was always a little shaky about these things and it took enough effort and persistence for me to even become a member of the bible study in the first place. The bible study leader, Vince, and another of my friends, Joe, talked about how fun it was the year before and how it increased their faith in the Lord. I would just agree with them so they wouldn’t talk about it anymore and be on my way. I felt that if I did that long enough, the deadline would pass and well, you get the point…

One day I ran into Joe while walking to one of my classes. He asked me if I had decided to attend the FOCUS Conference yet.  I told him that I didn’t think I was this year but I possibly would next year (yeah, right!). What he said next changed my life. In his casual and laid back way, he said,

“Dan, you should just ask God and see if He wants you to go to the conference.”

At this point I thought he was crazy! How is God going to show me that He wants me to go?! Is a loud deep voice going to come down from the sky saying, “Daniel, Go To The Conference.”? That’s crazy! But when I looked at him sort of confused and uncomfortable, I told him, “Yeah, I should probably do that.”

You can probably guess that I never did that day or the next. But that weekend as I got to church, I knelt down before mass started to pray as I normally do. When I looked up I saw Joe in a white robe as one of the altar guys, it reminded me of what he told me: “Dan, you should just ask God and see if He wants you to go to the conference.” And so I gave it a shot. It must have went something like this:

“God, I am not sure what You want me to do right now and I don’t really want to go to the FOCUS Conference. I promise that if I don’t go this year, I will consider going next year. But if You want me to go, please show me. Show me something that will let me know that You want me to go to the conference in St. Paul. If I don’t feel any different than how I feel now, I am not going to go. Please hear my prayer and answer it in whatever way that You can. 


As I sat back down on the pew, I looked over to my left and saw a small piece of paper laying there next to me. I picked it up, turned it over and BAM I couldn’t believe what I saw…

This little piece of paper had a prayer on it and the prayer was titled “FOCUS Conference Prayer.” It was a prayer for college students, like me, to attend this FOCUS Conference!!! I couldn’t believe what just happened! I can honestly tell you that I have never felt that way before in my entire life. I knew God not only heard my prayer but answered it immediately! I felt great to say the least. You can bet that with a sign like that, I was most definitely going to go to that conference!

I went and had a BLAST, met some awesome people, increased my faith tremendously and now I am here, writing to all of you in hopes that it will spark something in your life and inspire you to share with me your own moment! I am not saying that a Come To Jesus Moment has to be this huge life turn around (but if it is than that’s Great.) My moment led me to go to a conference which doesn’t seem like such a big deal but what it has brought in my life is priceless.

All of that has led to me being here: Encouraging others through my blog and in search of stories from others everywhere! I believe that this is part of God’s will for me. I pray that you find it as God’s will for you too: To share with others your “Come To Jesus Moment.”

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